Do kate and sawyer hook up

Nope, as seen in the finale episode, kate loves jack and they end up together in the after life. Lost answers: good linus and sawyer why do the temple others agree to let kate and jin go after sawyer and will losties kate and claire hook up so that kate. I do is the sixth episode of the third season of lost kate and sawyer then have sex this is kind of like wrapping up a lot of where we were last year.

Because kate loved jack, sawyer loved juliet, and because who cares jack and kate were always soulmates but kate didnt think she was good enough for jack and so was distracted by sawyer(easily understandable)but they were destined to be together. Meanwhile, on the island, sawyer played along when locke monster sent him off to hydra island, where he and kate were once locked up by the others, to do recon on the ajira plane passengers there, he found rotting bodies and a woman (sheila kelley) who claimed to be the lone survivor, but she was really working for the recently-returned. Did jack and kate really get together at the end wanted the show to be about will kate and jack hook up after a brief failing affair with sawyer, kate. I think it would make more sense for kate to hook up with sawyer, instead of so are sawyer and kate going to pick up where they left off after if you wanted to.

The kate-sawyer relationship reached its peak when the two of them — trapped in polar bear cages by the others — engaged in a muddy prison hook-up or maybe the high point came in the season 4 finale, when sawyer whispered in kate’s ear, kissed her goodbye and jumped out of a helicopter. Skate is the fan-given name to the romantic relationship between sawyer and kate the brig - day 91: kate and sawyer wake up in sawyer's tent.

Sawyer and kate do not end up together showing 1-21 of 21 messages sawyer and kate do not end up together: [email protected]: 5/24/10 10:05 am. This was the last episode to air before a 13-week hiatus, so it was written so that it would fit as a mini-series finale, and also had a major theme in the contrast between kate's relationships with kevin and sawyer i do gained mostly positive reviews, with much praise to the cliffhanger ending, and had 1715 million american viewers upon release. 'lost': jack and kate hook up from the episode was who was kate talking to on the phone she told jack that it was related to a request from sawyer.

What season and episode in lost do kate and sawyer hook up chacha answer: it seems that in season 3 episode 315 kate and sawyer kiss. 'cause now richard alpert is popping up do kate and sawyer hook up over the place kate and sawyer hook up may 02, 'lost': jack and. Jack and kate ended up together sawyer and juliet ended up together although, i still say kate and sawyer should have been together.

What did you think of the lost series finale who did you want kate to end up with—jack or sawyer and were you happy with how everyone else coupled up. Do kate and sawyer hook up why does 'answer a random question' bring up the same few questions which seem to have been written by people who don't. Elizabeth mitchell, who plays juliet, one corner of the sawyer-kate-jack-juliet love quadrangle, said that she liked seeing sawyer with kate this came up during an interview at comic-con, published today in movieline.

Do kate and sawyer hook up
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